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20-06-2014 Gutersloh (DE 33332)
26-07-2014 Soltau


Hermes House Band ONE LIFE

PARTYBREAK all over Europe! See HHB perfrom in Berlin and Paris, with a cameo of a famous soul singer...

Hermes House Band LAND OF 1000 DANCES

PARTYBREAK! A new song for the HHB show 2014. Let's dance!
original by Cannibal and the Headhunters 1965.

Hermes House Band TARZAN BOY sing-a-long-partybreak!

It's party time again! Let's have a jungle break and watch old Tarzan movies! They're fun!

Hermes House Band - Boom Bang a Bang!

I made this video of the PARTY BREAK single Boom Bang a Bang! Enjoy The biggest party band of the world :-) X Miss Sally

You can download Boom Bang a Bang: