Miss Sally

She’s got soul, and loves country. She rocks, and loves sweet little ballads. She’s a star, but not stuck up. She’s ok, even when she’s not. She’s the local snack supplier when we’re on tour. She’s the only girl in the band, but she don’t mind. She’s Miss Sally, and we love her for it.


Also affectionately knows as “Mr. Ad Lib”, Jop’s got a remarkable talent for turning everything into an ad lib. He can make the Yellow Pages sound exciting! The most famous one: “Are You Ready to Party?”, has been copied many, many times. Jop never got paid for it, but the knowledge that he started it all, is reward enough.


We couldn’t find a bass player with a more suitable name. Rumour has it that his parents knew of his talent all along, and that his name was not some weird coincidence. And oh, Bas also plays the piano, but that really would have been a freak name.


If anyone can follow in the footsteps of Gonzalez-Noches, it’s Tropical Dan. Totally authentic, Dan reinvents himself on stage every night. Sure, he knows how to play our stuff, but that doesn’t mean you have to play the same solo over and over again, do you? No, just play brand new solos each night, making hem up on the go. Brace yourself for Tropical Dan!


The Freeze is not called The Freeze because he doesn’t move, on the contrary: Sjoerd’s a slick dancer. Just try him when you have the chance at one of our after parties. No, Sjoerd’s called that way because he’s totally cool. And in case you were wondering how he plays al those amazing chords: he’s got 6 fingers on each hand. Not a bad deal for a keyboard player.


Our little drummer boy has got the most nicknames of the band, and he earned them all: ‘Re-Lex’, ‘MJ’s Big Brother’ , Sexy Lexy’, ‘Captain B.’. You figure out what the ‘B’ stands for. A fantastic basketball player, Lexxx has been a member of touring team the Washington Generals prior to joining the band. He loves to talk about his basketball days, so if you ever should meet him: you’ve been warned!


Sax player Pieter was discovered by Sebastián Gonzalez-Noches while touring in Spain. They hooked up and have been performing at theatres and festivals together for years.
Pieter took up playing saxophone at the age of 7, and never looked back. “I love sax”, he says. “I love the sound of sax, the smell of sax, and the feel of sax. The only thing I ever think about is sax. Oversaxed? Probably. Do you want sax?”